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February 12, 2018

A post from Hello Productions

In 2018. we want to bring you information that will help you to have the event of your dreams, weddings and any other types of events ~ you will hear from trusted vendors of IWP Photography throughout the year that will address important aspects of your event that may help you make some simple decisions about your wedding or event.  This by NO MEANS should make you think that you can plan your own event without the help of experts like Ashley Moss and her team.  I will say it here and have said it a million times……a professional planner IS WORTH THEIR WEIGHT IN GOLD!  Call Ashley today to speak with her about your upcoming event ~ no matter what size or theme, she and her team have you covered!!!!

Hello Productions

Fantastic Event Planner in Raleigh and Pittsburgh







BLOG POST BY Ashley Moss, President of Hello Productions
Buffet Vs. Sit Down Vs. Stations

In most cases, the bulk of your wedding budget will be spent on food and beverage. When providing dinner service to your guests, you as the host will choose from three styles: Buffet, Sit Down, or Stations. Each choice has pros and cons… it just depends on which fits your style!
Reception Style #1: Buffet
What is a buffet? It is a meal consisting of several dishes stationed on a long table from which guests streamline through and serve themselves. To create a more formal buffet, servers will sometimes assist guests. In the end, this style is considered to be the most casual meal service.

Pros: Buffets provide your guests with more options of meat, sides and sauces. You can please the masses without having your guests choose their entrée prior to your event. Buffets also save a small amount of money for wait staff since the caterer needs fewer people tending to the buffet instead of each table.

Cons: The downfall of buffets include time. Since guests are not professional food handlers, they tend to move at a slower pace when moving through the line. Also, a buffet requires an overage of each dish to ensure no entrée or side runs out. Caterers cannot guess how much each guest will take; therefore, an overage of food increases the cost.
Reception Style #2: Sit Down
A sit down, plated style of dinner is considered the most traditional and formal option as guests are served an individually plated meal… in most cases, one they have pre-selected in their RSVP. The meal typically consists of three courses: an appetizer/salad, entrée and dessert. Caterers will usually give guests the option between two entrées, which are selected beforehand, or they will offer a duo plate consisting of two proteins.

Pros: All of your guests will be served at the same time! With preselecting meal options, the caterer will know exact amounts. A plated dinner also provides the opportunity to time event formalities (such as dances and toasts) between courses to keep guests entertained and engaged throughout the meal service.

Cons: A greater number of serving staff is required to cater every table individually. Also, some venues do not offer a plated sit down due to lack of kitchen space. Imagine 300 entrée plates lined up in the kitchen… that’s some major square footage!
Reception Style #3: Food Stations
A station style reception is where the event’s meal choices are distributed at various tables in your main event space. Station examples include a carving station, a raw bar, a tapas station, a pasta station, a dessert station, and the list goes on.

Pros: A fun variety of dishes can be made available including themed stations (like a pierogi or taco bar) that you might not see at a more formal setting. With “cook to order” stations, guests can request the amount of sauce or level of spice, etc.

Cons: Considered a new-age style of event dining, many of your guests treat it like a buffet… taking a full dinner plate of food at each station. Stations are made for snacking, tasting, and enjoying smaller portions of each fun theme. The amount of consumption and waste may rack of up your catering bill.
Please visit our website gallery for more photos! http://helloproductions.com/gallerypage/

Hello Productions can handle as much or as little of your wedding and wedding planning as you need. We want you to feel comfortable that you are hiring trusted vendors who can work with your budget and bring your vision to life. Most importantly, we want you to enjoy planning your wedding! For more information on our services and packages, please contact:
Ashley Moss Kurkiewicz ~ 412-298-7333 ~ ashley@helloproductions.com

How to start your retirement together as a couple before AND after the wedding!

My friends over at Archer Investment Management in Raleigh, NC have sent me some amazing information to share with you ~ now that you are going to be saying “I do” soon! When starting your life and retirement life together as a couple, these points will make you think~

Engaged or Just Married?  Ok, Now What To Do About Money?

Couples often ask us what is the best way to handle finances together.  The answer is always the same – whatever keeps your relationship happy.  However, it is important for couples to talk about their financial situation and to be transparent with each other’s wishes.  During this conversation, talk about your future goals and hopes for your life.  These conversations should continue throughout the relationship and will evolve as life changes.  Co-managing finances is not just combining checking accounts and paying bills.  We recommend spending time together addressing the following items:


Financial success hinges on cash flow.  It is critical to understand how much the household is spending on a monthly and annual basis.  Make a budget and stick to it.


Discuss each person’s savings goals and expectation of spending.  Figure out how much may be needed for an emergency fund.  Some couples realize that one person’s comfort level for emergency savings is drastically different than the other.  If there is already plenty of cash available for an emergency fund, what will you do with the excess?  Will you open a joint account for investing those funds and can you contribute to that on a monthly basis?


Being upfront about any significant debt is important to both the relationship in general and the financial success of the household.  Debt can cause problems in many ways, so it is best to have open communication about that issue immediately.


Typically, households do not have both parties making the exact same amount of money.  Share income and future income potential with each other and be open if there are issues with a big discrepancy.  Also, take time to review your company benefits together and see what each other’s options are for retirement saving and health insurance.  If one person does not have a company sponsored retirement plan and the other does, engage in a conversation on how to maximize retirement savings utilizing one plan or using other vehicles such as an IRA.  This is a good time to also review any necessary beneficiary designations and make sure they are updated.


Young, healthy couples have the benefit of obtaining insurance at a lower cost than older couples.  Consider income replacement needs and any outstanding debt when you are factoring in how much life insurance to purchase and what type of insurance.


While never a pleasant topic, it is important to discuss your plans for your estate after you pass away.  This is a critical step to take in situations where couples have children and/or are in second marriages.  Finally, find out your state’s requirements for both financial and health care powers of attorney and have those documents drafted as well.


Finally, determine who will be handling the household finances or divide up the responsibilities.  Make sure both parties are always engaged in the decisions and understand the household finances.  Relationships thrive on trust and transparency, especially with regard to money.  Starting off on the right foot will make a huge difference in your relationship over time.  A financial advisor can go through all of this with you and help you to make great financial decisions along the way.  Consider hiring one to work with you through this process.  Sometimes we can see the picture more clearly as outside looking in and can facilitate some of the difficult conversations.  At the end of the day, the healthiest relationships in regards to finances are ones that have open, honest communication.


Securities and Advisory Services offered through Triad Advisors Member FINRA/SIPC

Financial Advisor

Nina Oneal with Archer Investment Management



Nina O’Neal, Partner

Investment Advisor

Archer Investment Management

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Securities and Advisory Services offered through Triad Advisors Member FINRA/SIPC

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Organized photographs are the best way to keep your memories in order

10 Tips for Organizing Photos Fast


Today’s post is by Janice Russell, a professional organizer in Cary, N.C. who has been helping people find order at home and work for more than 15 years. Learn more at MindingYourMatters.com.


Photos are a wonderful invention, and we’re all glad to have images to help us remember moments in our lives. But the number of digital and printed images can easily get out of hand. Soon, you’re stuck with thousands of photos and no way to enjoy them. Get your photo stash organized fast with these 10 tips.


  1. Start with the new. You might have boxes of old photos (or even slides!) hanging around, but getting organized starts with today’s images. You can address the backlog later.


  1. Create an easy system. The keyword is “easy.” There are many ways to organize photos. Which way works for you? What will you remember? One good way to start is to sort the photos into folders by date — or at least by year. So to follow Tip No. 1, grab any photos you’ve taken this year and put them into a folder with the year on it. (This applies to both digital and printed images.) If you’re feeling motivated, sort those photos into folders by month.


  1. Name every digital photo. Anything is better than DSC0456. Change the file name to “momsbirthday” or “ride_at_thepark_051717″ (date) or whatever you want! Use people’s names if you can. You may want to consider establishing standard naming structures. For instance, if it is a family event: event_person’s name, if applicable_date. So it might be” anniversary_mom and dad_2017.” Or if it is a vacation: city_state or country_specific location_date. So it might be “Madrid_Spain_Royal Palace_051816” (date).


  1. Consider software to help. One example is Forever Historian, which helps you sort and tag images on your computer.


  1. Set up a backup system. You might try Picture Keeper, but there are many others. The point is to make sure your photos are stored in more than one location. If there is a fire or your computer is lost or damaged, you may lose all your images.


  1. Figure out a process for getting photos off your phone/camera and onto your computer. It’s easy to end up with hundreds of photos on your phone, but not sorted in a meaningful way. Decide how you will do this. Examples:
  • Automatically have the images upload to an app called Dropbox from your phone. Set a time to sort through the images
  • Once a week sit down and transfer the images. The key is to set a time/day to do this.


  1. Don’t be shy about deleting. Whether you’re attacking an old box of crinkled prints or going through your phone, delete ruthlessly. Get rid of the photos with thumbs, the ones that are blurry. Get rid of the images you don’t care about, the ones you took just to post an image of your lunch on Facebook. (Learn more about understanding the purpose of your picture.)


  1. Schedule a time to manage the backlog, but do so in short stints. For example, you might spend five minutes each day after dinner on the task. Or complete one box per week.


  1. Make a pile of any slides you have and set up a time to get those converted to a digital format. There are services where you can send them to have this done. Memories Renewed, DigMyPix, and LegacyBox are just a few options.


  1. Make sure to store printed images in a temperature controlled environment. Even if you haven’t gotten around to sorting and labeling them, at least move them out of the attic.


Organizing photos can feel like a monumental task, but if you take it one step at a time, you will be able to find and enjoy your memories.

Women Entrepreneurs make for amazing photo shoots!

Strong, confident women

Empower! Connect! Control! Fulfill!  That is just some of the words that I think of when I define how it feels to be a woman entrepreneur.  Women entrepreneurs make for amazing photo shoots!  I would have never guessed that almost 10 years ago, I would become the owner of a very successful digital and art company.  Yes, Tesh is the artist, he is the Master photographer, but I am the face of the company and I ROCK!   I was thinking about what my absolute favorite type of client is the other day and it came to me that although I love all of my clients, I am especially drawn to the woman entrepreneur.  When women make up their minds to do something, consider it done and I love the energy they put out.  I feed off of it actually.  There is something about meeting them right as they have decided that they are going off on their own, or finally, after taking care of everyone else, they are going to do something for themselves.  They are diverse, surprising, scared, unsure, strong, confident, from one side of the spectrum to the other ~ their senses heightened and the surge is undeniable.

Women entrepreneurs want to be successful and I love how it shows in their photos.

Successful, engaging, strong

I have always fed off of energy.  I can walk into a room and know that someone is sad or angry or there is someone nervous.  Being the keeper of the peace child, I was able to diffuse situations by being whatever I needed to be to calm the situation down.  When I am with strong women, confident women, excited and nervous at the same time women, I am their calm and when they come to my studio, they know that we will take the time to capture mostly what they want the world to see but sometimes, we capture them as who they never thought they could be and THAT is what fills and fuels  my passion.


Empowering Women Campaign

I want to photograph you all!  All of the women that want to start a business, grow a business, or re-brand a business. I want to help you be a success as you are creating your vision and image for your company.  I want to help empower you through photography.  THIS is how I give back. Call me to discuss your empowerment photo shoot today!  919-270-2510


September 12, 2016

Professional head shots in Raleigh/Durham area

Professional Head shots ~ how important are they?  Well, with social media being on the forefront of everyone’s business, professional head shots are UBER important!  But not just any head shots, THE BEST!   IWP Photography & Video can create amazing head shots that bring out the best in YOU, why would you want anything else ~ do you have a selfie as a head shot right now?  You know that some people are basing if they do business with you on your photographs ~ like it or not.  Give us a call and we can create head shots like these for you!  Our service is top notch, and we turn the photos around quickly ~  we also have a fantastic makeup artist that we work with that really does an amazing job for the photos as you can see!

Professional Head Shots by IWP Photography

Head Shots by IWP Photography Raleigh and Durham

Raleigh/Durham Professional Head Shots

Professional Head Shots by IWP Photography




Helene Foundation Annual Gala 2016

Bidders winning at the Helene Foundation Gala photographed by IWP Photography & Video


Covering the The Helene Foundation Annual Gala 2016 is the best!!!  I love it when an event is seamless ~ these guys have it down.  It was an honor to photograph this event again ~ seeing a lot of the same faces from last year and then all the new faces!  The Helene Foundation does amazing work in this community and it is an opportunity for me to see the good that is being done, happening right here in the area.  The Helene Foundation Gala 2016 celebrates the opportunity to give to those who need the help  while going through cancer treatment.  I am so proud of this foundation and all who play a part in making this event so successful!  Enjoy a few of the photos!  I had a blast and so did everyone else!


Logo for the Helene Foundation

The Helene Foundation logo



Who We Are
The Helene Foundation is a non-profit organization that was established in 2009 in honor of Helene Davidian. Although she retired from nursing when her children were born, she spent her life serving and giving to others. In May 2008, she was diagnosed with cancer and was taken from us on May 31, 2009. The Davidian family felt that establishing a Foundation in her name would allow her to continue her passion of serving and giving to others.
Our Mission

The Helene Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing assistance to North Carolina families with mothers actively undergoing cancer treatments. We focus on immediate, practical support and services for mothers and families fighting cancer.
The assistance we provide includes, but is not limited to, meals for the families delivered to the home, housecleaning, child care, tutoring services if needed, and assistance with arranging transportation to medical appointments. Each family and situation is unique and their services are based on the mother’s requests. The Helene Foundation strives to help families keep as normal an environment as possible while engaged in their cancer fight. Families are referred by a hospital social worker, and upon acceptance, are “adopted” for a 6 month period. Should the mother lose her fight with cancer, the family continues to receive assistance through their 6 month adoption. Since 2009, the Helene Foundation has provided over $100,000 to 32 North Carolina families!

Exciting times for the Helene Foundation Gala photographed by IWP Photography & Video

Exciting times at the beginning of the event

Bidders winning at the Helene Foundation Gala photographed by IWP Photography & Video

I won the bid!!!!

Room set up for the Helene Foundation Gala photographed by IWP Photography & Video

A room with a view!

Candles photographed by IWP Photography & Video

Candles for those helped

Guests being photographed by iWP Photography & Video

A toast to the Helene Foundation!

A beautifully made program for The Helene Foundation Gala 2016

Program for the event

Helene Foundation Gala by IWP Photography & Video

Foodies unite! The North Hills Renaissance Hotel has amazing food

Fun times to be had on the stage soon at the Helene Foundation Gala 2016

The stage is set!

Green Screen photography by TapSnap

TapSnap working their magic at the event for green screen photography

Guest at the Helene Foundation Gala 2016

That’s a great looking group!

Helene Foundation Gala 2016

A beautiful cake decorated with a peacock for the Gala

Table setting for the Helene Foundation Gala photographed by IWP Photography & Video

Table setting for the Helene Foundation Gala




Custom Benefit Auctions

Ben Farrell getting the crowd excited about the auction

November 8, 2015

A beautiful day for an Indian Wedding




The colors, the glamour, the hours, the events leading up to this beautiful day ~ all ready, set, go!  It was a beautiful day for a wedding and this couple enjoyed themselves like a Bride and Groom should.  IWP Photography & Video enjoyed shooting this event for many reasons.  We love creating images for Asian weddings, and our award winning photography speaks to that on every level.  This wedding was photographed at Brier Creek Country Club in Raleigh, NC.  I travel all over the southeast for Indian weddings but love it when I am able to work in my own city.  Please also visit my Facebook page for the most recent images:  www.facebook.com/iwpphotography AND www.facebook.com/indianweddings
brier-creek-indian-wedding-photography-02-iwp-photography brier-creek-indian-wedding-photography-03-iwp-photography brier-creek-indian-wedding-photography-04-iwp-photography brier-creek-indian-wedding-photography-05-iwp-photography brier-creek-indian-wedding-photography-06-iwp-photography brier-creek-indian-wedding-photography-07-iwp-photography brier-creek-indian-wedding-photography-08-iwp-photography brier-creek-indian-wedding-photography-09-iwp-photography brier-creek-indian-wedding-photography-10-iwp-photography brier-creek-indian-wedding-photography-11-iwp-photography brier-creek-indian-wedding-photography-12-iwp-photography brier-creek-indian-wedding-photography-13-iwp-photography brier-creek-indian-wedding-photography-14-iwp-photography brier-creek-indian-wedding-photography-15-iwp-photography brier-creek-indian-wedding-photography-16-iwp-photography brier-creek-indian-wedding-photography-17-iwp-photography brier-creek-indian-wedding-photography-18-iwp-photography brier-creek-indian-wedding-photography-19-iwp-photography brier-creek-indian-wedding-photography-20-iwp-photography brier-creek-indian-wedding-photography-21-iwp-photography brier-creek-indian-wedding-photography-22-iwp-photography brier-creek-indian-wedding-photography-23-iwp-photography brier-creek-indian-wedding-photography-24-iwp-photography brier-creek-indian-wedding-photography-25-iwp-photography brier-creek-indian-wedding-photography-26-iwp-photography brier-creek-indian-wedding-photography-27-iwp-photography brier-creek-indian-wedding-photography-28-iwp-photography brier-creek-indian-wedding-photography-29-iwp-photography brier-creek-indian-wedding-photography-30-iwp-photography brier-creek-indian-wedding-photography-31-iwp-photography brier-creek-indian-wedding-photography-32-iwp-photography brier-creek-indian-wedding-photography-33-iwp-photography brier-creek-indian-wedding-photography-34-iwp-photography brier-creek-indian-wedding-photography-35-iwp-photography brier-creek-indian-wedding-photography-36-iwp-photography brier-creek-indian-wedding-photography-37-iwp-photography brier-creek-indian-wedding-photography-38-iwp-photography brier-creek-indian-wedding-photography-39-iwp-photography

The look of love, the first photo after Bride and Groom say I Do

The look of love!First stroll as husband and wife #indianweddingphotography #indianweddingcharlotte #indianweddingraleigh #indianweddingfayetteville #indianweddingnorthcarolina #indianweddingvirginia

December 29, 2014

Todd and Billy say “I do” …… finally!

Todd and Billy really wanted to say “I do” to one another…..                                                                                                                                                                                                                 The traditional Groom and Groom wedding ring shot!

The traditional Groom and Groom wedding ring shot!




they even already had 2 sons together and family means everything.  The only thing that they really needed was to be able to get married and for it to really be recognized by the state of North Carolina.  Well,  it finally happened and they were married on October 17th and what a great ceremony they had.  Their sons were in attendance and all went as plan.  It was a great moment for Tesh and Mica to be a part of this as well ~ as Todd and Billy are dear friends of ours.  Congratulations to you both!  We hope that you have many many years of happiness together!!

Same-Sex Marriage has been legal in North Carolina since October 17, 2o14.

A beautiful Sangeet and Menhdi style shoot

Join us for a Sangeet that will heighten your senses, and transport you into an event where the bride is being celebrated by her family and everything is a celebration during an Indian wedding ~ down to the clothes.

Preeti Waas, Creative Director of Mehar Events, showcases her talent at this event by bringing out all of the elements necessary to produce a fun, interactive celebration that leaves out no detail, or anyone wanting for more.

Tesh Parekh, Owner of IWP Photography & Video and Tesh’s Fine Art, was chosen for the photography because Tesh is a leader in the Indian Wedding Photography market,  in and around the Southeast.  Tesh has been photographing Indian weddings and events since 1996.  Tesh was born in India, and he understands all the cultural and religious aspects of these beautiful events!  His artist flair comes through in the images that he captures throughout the event, details that can’t be recreated or moments that must be preserved.

The Stockroom at 230 is simply perfect for this size event.  It has the charm of historic Raleigh and is in the center of downtown which breathes an electric air into the venue that brings an additional excitement level to your event.  A blank canvas but not really, The Stockroom has exposed brick and wood floors, and offers a view onto Fayetteville Street.  Your guests will be impressed with how any décor you choose will “pop” in this venue and the staff is amazing to work with!  MollyAnne and Alexandria worked closely with Preeti to make sure that all elements were highlighted in this shoot ~ they were very hands on.

Poonam Henna Arts, owned by the beautiful Poonam, an expert in Henna, the art of temporary tattooing that has been around since antiquity, is our go-to for creating the bride and her attendants’ henna.  Her work is straight from the heart and she loves to showcase the energy of the event through her art and enhances everyone’s experience by creating beautiful Henna Art for every guest that would like to experience it.

The food, prepared for this event by Zayka Indian Cuisine, is traditional Indian food for this type of event that the staff took great pride in serving.  The food is a mix of vegetarian and meat dishes and there are the traditional naan, rice and chutneys to accompany the food.  This food radiates off the plates and calls to the guests to come and enjoy while celebrating this wonderful event.  The colors, flavors and aroma have taken on a life of their own and the taste…..it is exquisite.

No bridal party is completely ready without the help of a wonderful woman, by the name of Margo Codd-Williams.  Her company is Belloviso, and her passion is making you as beautiful as you think you can be and then some.  She wanted a very warm, romantic, and traditional look for this bridal party and in a matter of minutes had the whole party laughing and relaxing and feeling good about their hair and makeup – it really was effortless.   She has a passion for this business and it truly can be seen at every angle.

To complete our event, we had Jeetu Singh play the traditional dhol for the party to help the mood get festive.  What a talent this player has.  He will make anyone get up and move with the music he plays.  He has a wonderful smile and really enjoys seeing your guest come to life on the dance floor.  He will play at any event, and you will love it!

So many beautiful photos were created for this event, so we will showcase on a few of them here on the blog, but you can see all of the photos from the event HERE


Brides hair being style by Belloviso

Brides hair being style by Belloviso


Bridal portrait by IWP Photography & Video


Beautiful Henna


Bridal Portrait


Henna portrait


Group of gentleman dancing


The Bridal dance


The Bride and her Bridal party


Music by G2 Singh Music


Dancing along with G2


The Bride and her brother


Dancing in motion


Dancing in motion


The Bride receiving her henna.


The Bride and her bridal party


beautiful display of Bride’s outfit


Henna being applied


Bride with her maids and their henna art


Bride and her maids

stock-style-136-iwp-photography-S stock-style-135-iwp-photography-S stock-style-126-iwp-photography-S stock-style-115-iwp-photography-S stock-style-103-iwp-photography-S stock-style-101-iwp-photography-S stock-style-012-iwp-photography-Sstock-style-013-iwp-photography-S stock-style-098-iwp-photography-S stock-style-083-iwp-photography-S stock-style-080-iwp-photography-S stock-style-077-iwp-photography-S stock-style-064-iwp-photography-S stock-style-058-iwp-photography-S stock-style-042-iwp-photography-S



This was an opportunity of a lifetime – Photographing Roger Daltry & Joan Jett in Philadelphia

WOW WOW WOW…..that is still all I can say, even after a week.   I have so much to say about this event, but for now, I will share some images that we took of these amazing musicians and music icons! Look for a full blog coming soon about this event and definitely more photos!  We were beyond honored to photograph them and they were amazing to work with!!!

Roger Daltrey of the The Who performing for a fundraiser for TCA

Roger Daltrey of the The Who performing for a fundraiser for TCA

Roger Daltrey of The Who

Roger Daltrey of The Who

The Kimmel Center in Philadelphia, PA

The Kimmel Center in Philadelphia, PA

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts performing at the Kimmel Center

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts performing at the Kimmel Center

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

Joan Jett

Joan Jett

Roger Daltrey and Joan Jett

Roger Daltrey and Joan Jett

The Who - Roger Daltrey

Roger Daltrey performing at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia

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