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A beautiful Sangeet and Menhdi style shoot

Join us for a Sangeet that will heighten your senses, and transport you into an event where the bride is being celebrated by her family and everything is a celebration during an Indian wedding ~ down to the clothes.

Preeti Waas, Creative Director of Mehar Events, showcases her talent at this event by bringing out all of the elements necessary to produce a fun, interactive celebration that leaves out no detail, or anyone wanting for more.

Tesh Parekh, Owner of IWP Photography & Video and Tesh’s Fine Art, was chosen for the photography because Tesh is a leader in the Indian Wedding Photography market,  in and around the Southeast.  Tesh has been photographing Indian weddings and events since 1996.  Tesh was born in India, and he understands all the cultural and religious aspects of these beautiful events!  His artist flair comes through in the images that he captures throughout the event, details that can’t be recreated or moments that must be preserved.

The Stockroom at 230 is simply perfect for this size event.  It has the charm of historic Raleigh and is in the center of downtown which breathes an electric air into the venue that brings an additional excitement level to your event.  A blank canvas but not really, The Stockroom has exposed brick and wood floors, and offers a view onto Fayetteville Street.  Your guests will be impressed with how any décor you choose will “pop” in this venue and the staff is amazing to work with!  MollyAnne and Alexandria worked closely with Preeti to make sure that all elements were highlighted in this shoot ~ they were very hands on.

Poonam Henna Arts, owned by the beautiful Poonam, an expert in Henna, the art of temporary tattooing that has been around since antiquity, is our go-to for creating the bride and her attendants’ henna.  Her work is straight from the heart and she loves to showcase the energy of the event through her art and enhances everyone’s experience by creating beautiful Henna Art for every guest that would like to experience it.

The food, prepared for this event by Zayka Indian Cuisine, is traditional Indian food for this type of event that the staff took great pride in serving.  The food is a mix of vegetarian and meat dishes and there are the traditional naan, rice and chutneys to accompany the food.  This food radiates off the plates and calls to the guests to come and enjoy while celebrating this wonderful event.  The colors, flavors and aroma have taken on a life of their own and the taste… is exquisite.

No bridal party is completely ready without the help of a wonderful woman, by the name of Margo Codd-Williams.  Her company is Belloviso, and her passion is making you as beautiful as you think you can be and then some.  She wanted a very warm, romantic, and traditional look for this bridal party and in a matter of minutes had the whole party laughing and relaxing and feeling good about their hair and makeup – it really was effortless.   She has a passion for this business and it truly can be seen at every angle.

To complete our event, we had Jeetu Singh play the traditional dhol for the party to help the mood get festive.  What a talent this player has.  He will make anyone get up and move with the music he plays.  He has a wonderful smile and really enjoys seeing your guest come to life on the dance floor.  He will play at any event, and you will love it!

So many beautiful photos were created for this event, so we will showcase on a few of them here on the blog, but you can see all of the photos from the event HERE


Brides hair being style by Belloviso

Brides hair being style by Belloviso


Bridal portrait by IWP Photography & Video


Beautiful Henna


Bridal Portrait


Henna portrait


Group of gentleman dancing


The Bridal dance


The Bride and her Bridal party


Music by G2 Singh Music


Dancing along with G2


The Bride and her brother


Dancing in motion


Dancing in motion


The Bride receiving her henna.


The Bride and her bridal party


beautiful display of Bride’s outfit


Henna being applied


Bride with her maids and their henna art


Bride and her maids

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Press release for our big news!!!! IWP has been nominated for Best Event Photography by ISES!



PRESS RELEASE                                                                                       

Contact: Mica Parekh @

(IWP Photography & Video)


International Special Events Society

Tesh Parekh, Owner of IWP Photography & Video, Raleigh, NC is an award recipient for the prestigious ISES Esprit Awards from the International Special Events Society (ISES) in the categories of Best Event Photography for Rakhee and Hiten’s Magnificent Indian Wedding.  Tesh has been a special event professional for 10 plus years.  In that time, Tesh has also won Best Entertainment for Weddings, presented to him by NACE for his other talent of LIVE Watercolor Paintings.

The Best Event Photography event nominated for a 2012 ISES Esprit was a beautiful multiple day Indian wedding that captured all the glamour and grandeur of Rakhee and Hiten’s special day.  They wanted a photographer that would capture the details of their event, and the depth of their love, artistically.

Tesh Parekh  says” “Quote”

ISES honors industry excellence through its prestigious awards program, the ISES Esprit Awards which fuel a spirit of competition within designated categories. ISES Esprit Awards gain global visibility and recognition for ISES members. It honors special event professionals who exhibit a “spirit of excellence” in their work. The importance of global industry recognition helps improve industry standards internationally and further promote our professionalism. ISES is dedicated to recognizing excellence in events and rewarding those individuals whose vision and creativity make their events “Special.” (

Taste of NC 2012 at the Pinehurst Resort – by Raleigh Commercial Photographer

As commercial photography and video business, we provide our services to hotels and restaurants. So when we were thrilled to be the part of North Carolina Restaurant and Lodging Association‘s 2012 Taste of NC. This year’s event was at the beautiful Pinehurst Resort. Mica and I provided photography and video service for the event. This post is preview of the images. A highlight video clip will be posted soon. The English Garden provided beautiful and interesting floral arrangements and centerpieces. We enjoyed capturing the food, fun and award ceremony…

– Tesh & Mica Parekh

IWP Photography

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February 3, 2011

Amedeo’s Italian Restaurant- Food and Interior Photography by Raleigh NC Food and Commercial Photographer

If you are a Wolfpack fan, you already know Amedeo’s! Amedeo ‘Dick’ DeAngelis came to NCSU in 1954 on a football scholarship. He opened a small restaurant featuring some of his mother’s and grandmother’s homemade Italian recipes.In 1963, Amedeo’s, a restaurant, opened on Western Boulevard. In January 2010,  a group  which also owns and operates local Remington Grills, purchased the original Amedeo’s Italian Restaurant on Western Blvd. After extensive upgrades and remodeling, Amedeo’s reopened in early March, 2010. Rick “Amedeo” Deangelis, David and Jill DeAngelis Parker are involved in the group to show their support.

I recently photographed Amedeo’s popular menu items- pastas, pizzas, tailgating specials, desserts and more. I also photographed Rick and restaurant interior. The best part of the session was bringing home delicious food (thank you, Amedeo’s!)!

I am enjoying commercial, corporate and editorial assignments while getting ready for a busy wedding season!

– Tesh Parekh

IWP Photography



Photographing Food and Restaurant interiors in Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Chapel Hill, North Carolina and beyond



Food-Phootgraphy-Raleigh-NC-Amedoe's Italian-01

Are you ready for some football?! Photographer- Tesh Parekh. Food Photography by IWP Photography, Raleigh North Carolina





Food-Phootgraphy-Raleigh-NC-Amedoe's Italian-02

Tailgate with Amedeo's Italian! Photographer- Tesh Parekh. Food Photography by IWP Photography, Raleigh North Carolina





Food-Phootgraphy-Raleigh-NC-Amedoe's Italian-03

You gotta have some meatballs! Photographer- Tesh Parekh. Food Photography by IWP Photography, Raleigh North Carolina





Food-Phootgraphy-Raleigh-NC-Amedoe's Italian-04

Something for everyone! Photographer- Tesh Parekh. Food Photography by IWP Photography, Raleigh North Carolina





Food-Phootgraphy-Raleigh-NC-Amedoe's Italian-05

Loaded with Chicken! Photographer- Tesh Parekh. Food Photography by IWP Photography, Raleigh North Carolina





Food-Phootgraphy-Raleigh-NC-Amedoe's Italian-06

Colorful! Photographer- Tesh Parekh. Food Photography by IWP Photography, Raleigh North Carolina





Food-Phootgraphy-Raleigh-NC-Amedoe's Italian-07

Garlic bread sounds good! Photographer- Tesh Parekh. Food Photography by IWP Photography, Raleigh North Carolina





Food-Phootgraphy-Raleigh-NC-Amedoe's Italian-08

Dessert anyone? Photographer- Tesh Parekh. Food Photography by IWP Photography, Raleigh North Carolina





Food-Phootgraphy-Raleigh-NC-Amedoe's Italian-09

Beautiful and tasty? Photographer- Tesh Parekh. Food Photography by IWP Photography, Raleigh North Carolina





Food-Phootgraphy-Raleigh-NC-Amedoe's Italian-10

Welcome to the Wolfpack den! Photographer- Tesh Parekh. Restaurant Photography by IWP Photography, Raleigh North Carolina





Food-Phootgraphy-Raleigh-NC-Amedoe's Italian-11

In the Wolfpack's court! Photographer- Tesh Parekh. Restaurant Photography by IWP Photography, Raleigh North Carolina





AENC’s 2011 Legislative Recepetion at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences by Raleigh North Carolina Commercial and Editorial Photographer

The 2011 AENC (Association Executives of North Carolina) Legislative Reception was on opening night of the General Assembly, Wednesday, January 26, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh, NC. The AENC Legislative Reception is held every two years at the start of the NC General Assembly’s long session. I photographed this event for AENC. The museum is an ideal venue to host a meeting, corporate party, wedding reception or other special occasion. What can be more fun than dining with the dinosaurs…

Catering: Exclamations Catering

Live music: The 2 Don’s Band

– Tesh Parekh

IWP Photography






Food and beverages from Exclamations Catering. Photographer- Tesh Parekh for IWP Photography, Raleigh North Carolina






Waiting for the Legislators... Photographer- Tesh Parekh for IWP Photography, Raleigh North Carolina






Mini beef wellington bites! Photographer- Tesh Parekh for IWP Photography, Raleigh North Carolina






Jaws! Photographer- Tesh Parekh for IWP Photography, Raleigh North Carolina






Bar! Photographer- Tesh Parekh for IWP Photography, Raleigh North Carolina






Monster and the musician! Photographer- Tesh Parekh for IWP Photography, Raleigh North Carolina






This was a huge event! Photographer- Tesh Parekh for IWP Photography, Raleigh North Carolina






Skulls! Photographer- Tesh Parekh for IWP Photography, Raleigh North Carolina






Bird's Eye View... Photographer- Tesh Parekh for IWP Photography, Raleigh North Carolina






Dinner and dinosaurs... Photographer- Tesh Parekh for IWP Photography, Raleigh North Carolina






The 2 Don's Band. Photographer- Tesh Parekh for IWP Photography, Raleigh North Carolina






In good company. Photographer- Tesh Parekh for IWP Photography, Raleigh North Carolina






Arrrrrr... Photographer- Tesh Parekh for IWP Photography, Raleigh North Carolina






Dessert and the big cat... Photographer- Tesh Parekh for IWP Photography, Raleigh North Carolina



Geof Manthorne (Ace of Cakes) at Bay 7 in Durham- by Raleigh Food Photographer

ISES of Greater Triangle hosted Geof Manthorne, one of the stars from Ace of Cakes at Bay 7 in Durham on Jan 18, 2011. As one of the stars of the Food Network’s hit reality show, Geof Manthorne is known for his incredible cake creations and dry, sardonic sense of humor. So when I got the opportunity to photograph this event, I was ready to photograph and eat some cakes! Mica was sick and couldn’t join me. So, I had very strict instruction to bring home some cake!

The evening started with registration and networking. There were brief introductions and then Geof entertained event guests with his speech and humor. There were four cake stations where cake artists demonstrated the craft of cake decorations:

Miel Bon Bons (Carrboro, NC)

Edible Art (Raleigh, NC)

Simply Cakes (Cary, NC)

Ambrosia Cake Creations (Fuquay-Varina, NC)

All the cakes were simply amazing!

Food and beverages were catered by The Catering Company of Chapel Hill

One of the bonus of attending ISES events is meeting my friends! My next ISES event will be for the Triangle Wine Experience- I will be doing a live event painting…

– Tesh Parekh

IWP Photography



Raleigh, North Carolina



Yes- this is a cake! Photographer- Tesh Parekh



This beautiful cake by Miel Bob Bons. Photographer- Tesh Parekh



Tasty cupcakes await event guests... Photographer- Tesh Parekh



Geof Manthorne with one of his creations. Photographer- Tesh Parekh



Geof Manthorne (Ace of Cakes). Photographer- Tesh Parekh



Cake Artists at work. Photographer- Tesh Parekh



ISES of Greater Triangle hosted this function at Bay 7 in Durham NC. Photographer- Tesh Parekh



Cupcakes decorations in progress. Photographer- Tesh Parekh



Decorated and ready! Photographer- Tesh Parekh



Where is the silverware?! Photographer- Tesh Parekh



My 2.5 y/o would have enjoyed tasting each cupcake! Photographer- Tesh Parekh



More treats! Photographer- Tesh Parekh



Simply amazing! Photographer- Tesh Parekh



Food and beverages were provided by The Catering Company of Chapel Hill. Photographer- Tesh Parekh



Cake artist at work. Photographer- Tesh Parekh



Very elegant! Photographer- Tesh Parekh



Cake details. Photographer- Tesh Parekh



The bonus was taking home cupcakes! Photographer- Tesh Parekh



One of the finished cakes. Photographer- Tesh Parekh



Geof Manthorne (Ace of Cakes) at Bay 7 in Durham NC. Photographer- Tesh Parekh



Geof Manthorne (Ace of Cakes) entertained event guests with his humor. Photographer- Tesh Parekh



View fron the second level of Bay 7. Photographer- Tesh Parekh



You can travel with your cake and eat it too! Photographer- Tesh Parekh



The Simpsons are watching! Photographer- Tesh Parekh



This is one of my favorite images of the evening. Photographer- Tesh Parekh

August 24, 2010

Martin’s Curry Rice- Food Photography by Raleigh NC Commercial and Food Photographer

I know many folks who have either never tried a curry or are afraid to try one! Fear no more- Martin can fix your curry the way you want it! You pick ingredients and the sauce- Martin and his crew will have the curry and rice ready for you in minutes!

An artist friend of mine- Vinita Jain, introduced me to Martin. Martin was in the process of opening his new restaurant and was looking for a professional photographer. Owning a restaurant was Martin’s dream. He was inspired to open a Mongolian grill style Indian eatery, during his trip to Japan. When I met Martin, I was impressed by not only his love for the food and cooking but also his business knowledge.

Martin opened the new restaurant few weeks ago in Morrisville. I had the opportunity to photograph Martin, his cuisine and the restaurant last week. This was a little change from photographing traditional and Indian weddings! I always enjoy photographing (and eating!) food. I am scheduled to do another shoot for a magazine article tomorrow. Meanwhile, if you want to build you own curry and have it too- head on to Martin’s!

– Hitesh Parekh (Tesh)

IWP Photography



December 23, 2009

Food Photography for Sweet Neecy

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Wow!  How exciting.  We got to meet Annette and she has the best cakes….really simple to make, no mess, no fuss and they taste AMAZING!  Her product is all natural, and made with all North Carolina ingredients.  Annette heard about us because we were highly referred to her by Cathy Woods, of Miss Taffy’s Cheesecakes.  Miss Taffy knows the power of exceptional photography ~ and she passed on this information to Annette.  Annette came with 3 cakes, and an open mind.  She wanted clean, clear, crisp pictures of her cakes.  Nothing else in the pictures to take away from her cakes.  Annette has worked so hard to get her business growing.  She works for a local restaurant in Chapel Hill in their Accounting department, and has been in the restaurant industry really all of her life.  But, this is all hers.  This is her baby.  She wanted something simple for all types of “cooks” (even if you are not one!), yet something that would you could be proud of, no matter whether you are baking the cake for your self, your family, or your friends.  She is currently working on her website and with IWP Photography’s photos ~ people will surely see that this is a great thing!