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November 8, 2015

A beautiful day for an Indian Wedding




The colors, the glamour, the hours, the events leading up to this beautiful day ~ all ready, set, go!  It was a beautiful day for a wedding and this couple enjoyed themselves like a Bride and Groom should.  IWP Photography & Video enjoyed shooting this event for many reasons.  We love creating images for Asian weddings, and our award winning photography speaks to that on every level.  This wedding was photographed at Brier Creek Country Club in Raleigh, NC.  I travel all over the southeast for Indian weddings but love it when I am able to work in my own city.  Please also visit my Facebook page for the most recent images: AND
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The look of love, the first photo after Bride and Groom say I Do

The look of love!First stroll as husband and wife #indianweddingphotography #indianweddingcharlotte #indianweddingraleigh #indianweddingfayetteville #indianweddingnorthcarolina #indianweddingvirginia

A beautiful Sangeet and Menhdi style shoot

Join us for a Sangeet that will heighten your senses, and transport you into an event where the bride is being celebrated by her family and everything is a celebration during an Indian wedding ~ down to the clothes.

Preeti Waas, Creative Director of Mehar Events, showcases her talent at this event by bringing out all of the elements necessary to produce a fun, interactive celebration that leaves out no detail, or anyone wanting for more.

Tesh Parekh, Owner of IWP Photography & Video and Tesh’s Fine Art, was chosen for the photography because Tesh is a leader in the Indian Wedding Photography market,  in and around the Southeast.  Tesh has been photographing Indian weddings and events since 1996.  Tesh was born in India, and he understands all the cultural and religious aspects of these beautiful events!  His artist flair comes through in the images that he captures throughout the event, details that can’t be recreated or moments that must be preserved.

The Stockroom at 230 is simply perfect for this size event.  It has the charm of historic Raleigh and is in the center of downtown which breathes an electric air into the venue that brings an additional excitement level to your event.  A blank canvas but not really, The Stockroom has exposed brick and wood floors, and offers a view onto Fayetteville Street.  Your guests will be impressed with how any décor you choose will “pop” in this venue and the staff is amazing to work with!  MollyAnne and Alexandria worked closely with Preeti to make sure that all elements were highlighted in this shoot ~ they were very hands on.

Poonam Henna Arts, owned by the beautiful Poonam, an expert in Henna, the art of temporary tattooing that has been around since antiquity, is our go-to for creating the bride and her attendants’ henna.  Her work is straight from the heart and she loves to showcase the energy of the event through her art and enhances everyone’s experience by creating beautiful Henna Art for every guest that would like to experience it.

The food, prepared for this event by Zayka Indian Cuisine, is traditional Indian food for this type of event that the staff took great pride in serving.  The food is a mix of vegetarian and meat dishes and there are the traditional naan, rice and chutneys to accompany the food.  This food radiates off the plates and calls to the guests to come and enjoy while celebrating this wonderful event.  The colors, flavors and aroma have taken on a life of their own and the taste… is exquisite.

No bridal party is completely ready without the help of a wonderful woman, by the name of Margo Codd-Williams.  Her company is Belloviso, and her passion is making you as beautiful as you think you can be and then some.  She wanted a very warm, romantic, and traditional look for this bridal party and in a matter of minutes had the whole party laughing and relaxing and feeling good about their hair and makeup – it really was effortless.   She has a passion for this business and it truly can be seen at every angle.

To complete our event, we had Jeetu Singh play the traditional dhol for the party to help the mood get festive.  What a talent this player has.  He will make anyone get up and move with the music he plays.  He has a wonderful smile and really enjoys seeing your guest come to life on the dance floor.  He will play at any event, and you will love it!

So many beautiful photos were created for this event, so we will showcase on a few of them here on the blog, but you can see all of the photos from the event HERE


Brides hair being style by Belloviso

Brides hair being style by Belloviso


Bridal portrait by IWP Photography & Video


Beautiful Henna


Bridal Portrait


Henna portrait


Group of gentleman dancing


The Bridal dance


The Bride and her Bridal party


Music by G2 Singh Music


Dancing along with G2


The Bride and her brother


Dancing in motion


Dancing in motion


The Bride receiving her henna.


The Bride and her bridal party


beautiful display of Bride’s outfit


Henna being applied


Bride with her maids and their henna art


Bride and her maids

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Greenville NC Indian Wedding Photography : ECU E-session { Rahul + Mital }

I am enjoying the season of e-sessions! It is fun working with engaged couples. E-session gives me opportunity to learn more about the couple I will be working with on their wedding day. And the couple will get to know how I work. Just like other photography assignments, I do as much homework as possible for e-sessions. We discuss couple’s favorite location(s), outfits, weather and so on. Rahul & Mital’s favorite location was ECU Campus! This was my first time doing session on the ECU campus. Weather was a concern but we decided to carry on with the session come rain or shine! I drove through severe thunderstorm on my way to ECU! On the campus, Rahul and Mital were dressed sharp and ready for the session! We started the session amid sounds of thunder! The light was beautiful, but in an instant the sky grew dark and big raindrops meant we had to move indoors. Quickly! We made the best of this rain! This couple was prepared! They had an ECU umbrella on hand! I captured poses and candids indoors and outside under the umbrella. Use of additional lighting was necessary! Rahul and Mital were easy to work with. Very patient as I setup my lighting and poses. It is relatively easier to snap away the photos hoping that something good will come out of it. It is bit of a challenge creating images that are not obvious. I like to use photography and lighting skills as much as possible and not worry too much about creating images in the post (that is a different way of working, just not mine). Unlike event photography where this kind of control is not always possible, portrait sessions certainly give me the opportunity to work this way. Rahul and Mital will be getting married in just couple of weeks! I look forward to photographing their Indian wedding ceremony at Seasons At Tandoor
– Tesh Parekh IWP Photography ecu-greenville-nc-e-session-01-indian-wedding-photography ecu-greenville-nc-e-session-02-indian-wedding-photography ecu-greenville-nc-e-session-03-indian-wedding-photography ecu-greenville-nc-e-session-04-indian-wedding-photography ecu-greenville-nc-e-session-06-indian-wedding-photography ecu-greenville-nc-e-session-07-indian-wedding-photography ecu-greenville-nc-e-session-08-indian-wedding-photography ecu-greenville-nc-e-session-09-indian-wedding-photography ecu-greenville-nc-e-session-10-indian-wedding-photography ecu-greenville-nc-e-session-11-indian-wedding-photography ecu-greenville-nc-e-session-12-indian-wedding-photography ecu-greenville-nc-e-session-13-indian-wedding-photography ecu-greenville-nc-e-session-14-indian-wedding-photography ecu-greenville-nc-e-session-15-indian-wedding-photography ecu-greenville-nc-e-session-05-indian-wedding-photography

Raleigh NC Indian Wedding Photography – Solas Ceremony { Shefaali + Andy }

Shefaali and Andy’s wedding ceremony. This was first Indian wedding for Solas! What a beautiful day! I started the coverage with photographing decorations and details. The decorations were by provided by Manju Nigam of Blooming Buds.I then photographed bride and groom getting ready. The couple looked beautiful (also check out their e-session photos)! Andy’s Baraat started at the Tucker Street garage. Andy arrived on a white horse. The baraat was received at the entrance of Solas. The wedding ceremony was beautiful. A vedic ceremony with participation from the audience. Photo session with family and friends followed the ceremony. And then it was a short trip to Zinda for reception.

– Tesh Parekh


solas-raleigh-indian-wedding-photography-01 solas-raleigh-indian-wedding-photography-02 solas-raleigh-indian-wedding-photography-03 solas-raleigh-indian-wedding-photography-04 solas-raleigh-indian-wedding-photography-05 solas-raleigh-indian-wedding-photography-06 solas-raleigh-indian-wedding-photography-07 solas-raleigh-indian-wedding-photography-08 solas-raleigh-indian-wedding-photography-09 solas-raleigh-indian-wedding-photography-10 solas-raleigh-indian-wedding-photography-11 solas-raleigh-indian-wedding-photography-12 solas-raleigh-indian-wedding-photography-13 solas-raleigh-indian-wedding-photography-14 solas-raleigh-indian-wedding-photography-15 solas-raleigh-indian-wedding-photography-16 solas-raleigh-indian-wedding-photography-17 solas-raleigh-indian-wedding-photography-18 solas-raleigh-indian-wedding-photography-19 solas-raleigh-indian-wedding-photography-20 solas-raleigh-indian-wedding-photography-21 solas-raleigh-indian-wedding-photography-22 solas-raleigh-indian-wedding-photography-23 solas-raleigh-indian-wedding-photography-24 solas-raleigh-indian-wedding-photography-25

Fayetteville Indian Wedding Photographer: Campbell University E-session { Savan + Monica }

Title of this post should be “Midday Magic”! I love the late afternoon or early evening light when photographing portrait sessions outdoors. Apart from the light being golden, it is easy on my subjects and also easier to control. Many of my wedding clients are busy professionals or pursuing higher education. Thus not having enough time. That was the case with Savan & Monica. This couple’s Fayetteville wedding is coming soon. And the only time they had available was around noon. My job as photographer is to create best possible images in every situation. The session was planned on the Campbell University campus where the couple had first met.

I like to make e-sessions fun. I gather information about likes and dislikes of the couple beforehand. I suggest session ideas but am very interested in what my clients have in mind. I present the e-sessions as couple’s date where I come along to snap few photos!

The weather was warm, but nice. Slightly windy. I did not want to shoot every image with available light. And I did not want to shoot every image under a shade either. So, I lugged around enough equipment to setup some fun shots. I like to give my clients options. Mica was not available to assist me so, yes I worked alone. Which reminds me of the points I had made in my earlier posts. I often get asked “how many photographers” and “how many assistants” question. While I always welcome extra help, I create my own images. I do not rely on assistants and additional photographers to create my images. That help is certainly needed in many cases and some of my clients are willing to pay for the extra staff. However, if you are  in the market looking for professional photography service, please let the professional guide you. I did sweat moving around the campus. But, convenience is not on the top of my list!

Savan and Monica were great to work with. They had fun which made it easier for me to capture some of the candid images. The campus is very special to them so they had certain locations in mind. My job was to integrate those locations in the images. After over two hours, we were able to review all the images we had created. Savan and Monica were thrilled! How do I know? They even bought my lunch. Such kindness is always appreciated. Their wedding at the new Embassy Suites is coming up in couple of weeks. It will be a multi-day event. I will be photographing this wedding for at least two, possibly for three days. I look forward to it…

– Tesh Parekh

IWP Photography

campbell-e-session-09-iwp-photography campbell-e-session-13-iwp-photography campbell-e-session-03-iwp-photography campbell-e-session-01-iwp-photography campbell-e-session-07-iwp-photography campbell-e-session-15-iwp-photography campbell-e-session-11-iwp-photography campbell-e-session-06-iwp-photography campbell-e-session-10-iwp-photography campbell-e-session-14-iwp-photography campbell-e-session-12-iwp-photography campbell-e-session-04-iwp-photography campbell-e-session-08-iwp-photography campbell-e-session-02-iwp-photography campbell-e-session-05-iwp-photography

Raleigh Indian Wedding Photographer : Duke Gardens E-session { Shefaali + Andy }

I have photographed e-sessions at the Duke Gardens (Durham NC) before, but the Garden was the most colorful when I did Shefaali & Andy’s e-session recently! This couple’s Indian wedding ceremony will take place at the Solas and reception will be at the Zinda. I love Glenwood South and Raleigh downtown. I often photograph that side of Raleigh and have also done many paintings there. Some of my paintings are now on display at the Visual Art Exchange and Local Color Raleigh. My notable latest assignment there was a live wedding painting I did at the All Saints Chapel and the Stockroom.

This was one of the warmest day of the year so far. I met my couple at the main gate. They looked sharp! This was also the graduation weekend so the gardens were busy but we worked patiently entire evening. Shefaali and Andy were absolute joy to work with! They had fun as you can see from the preview images below. We went around the garden, stopping at interesting spots. I worked alone and carried my gear all over the gardens. That was a good thing since I could create some of the poses which Shefaali had in mind. We kept shooting until the light was gone. We did not get to the Red bridge, but, didn’t really miss that.

I look forward to Shefaali and Andy’s wedding! It s going to be fun!

2013 continues to be an interesting year. I will be traveling for some of the assignments. I often get asked this question: “how many photographers do you bring”? Let me first say that I can bring as many photographers as the couple’s budget will permit! But, I am not sure how number of photographers translate into good photography or service. Many of the weddings you see on this blog were photographed by one photographer- yours truly! Some of the weddings had 500 + guests and multi-day multiple wedding events. In 2013, I am going to flip the question around: “How much can a single photographer do?”. We shall see. I promise…

– Tesh Parekh

IWP Photography

indian-wedding-photography-duke-garden-e-session-01 indian-wedding-photography-duke-garden-e-session-02 indian-wedding-photography-duke-garden-e-session-03 indian-wedding-photography-duke-garden-e-session-04 indian-wedding-photography-duke-garden-e-session-05 indian-wedding-photography-duke-garden-e-session-06 indian-wedding-photography-duke-garden-e-session-12 indian-wedding-photography-duke-garden-e-session-11 indian-wedding-photography-duke-garden-e-session-10 indian-wedding-photography-duke-garden-e-session-09 indian-wedding-photography-duke-garden-e-session-08 indian-wedding-photography-duke-garden-e-session-07 indian-wedding-photography-duke-garden-e-session-13 indian-wedding-photography-duke-garden-e-session-14

– Tesh Parekh

IWP Photography

Charlotte NC Indian Wedding Photographer : UNC-CH and Downtown E-session { Dimple + Rushit }

Dimple and Rushit’s St. Patrick’s Day E-session in Charlotte! We were in Charlotte for a two day corporate photography assignment. On Saturday, we photographed Dimple & Rushit at UNC-CH and Downtown. We love Charlotte and do variety of work there. Dimple and Rushit had met at UNC-CH, so, we started the session on campus. We went around the campus to create some fun images. It was windy and the Sun was in and out. Elements always make outdoor sessions interesting! We then went on to Downtown. The downtown was busy with St. Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl! We survived all the festivities and a wardrobe malfunction! We look forward to photographing Dimple & Rushit’s Wedding later this year at Gurdwara Sahib and Hilton Charlotte University Place…

– Tesh Parekh

IWP Photography

charlotte-nc-e-session-indian-wedding-photography-01 charlotte-nc-e-session-indian-wedding-photography-02 charlotte-nc-e-session-indian-wedding-photography-03 charlotte-nc-e-session-indian-wedding-photography-04 charlotte-nc-e-session-indian-wedding-photography-05 charlotte-nc-e-session-indian-wedding-photography-06 charlotte-nc-e-session-indian-wedding-photography-07 charlotte-nc-e-session-indian-wedding-photography-08 charlotte-nc-e-session-indian-wedding-photography-09 charlotte-nc-e-session-indian-wedding-photography-10 charlotte-nc-e-session-indian-wedding-photography-11 charlotte-nc-e-session-indian-wedding-photography-12 charlotte-nc-e-session-indian-wedding-photography-13 charlotte-nc-e-session-indian-wedding-photography-14 charlotte-nc-e-session-indian-wedding-photography-15

Wilmington NC Indian Wedding Photographer : Convention Center Reception { Arti + Mitesh }

Arti and Mitesh’s Indian wedding in Wilmington NC! The reception was at the Wilmington Convention Center as well. We had photographed Arti & Mitesh’s Indian Wedding Ceremony earlier in the day. I used the break between ceremony and reception to download ceremony images and get ready for reception. The reception started with the cocktail hour. Occasions by Shangri-la transformed the ballroom into the beautiful reception venue. DJ Ravi of DCSDynasty provided the music for reception party. Videography was by Vinod Karia (770-985-5906). The cake was beautiful! I photographed the cocktail hour as well as decorations and cake. The wedding party was introduced. The first dance was followed by cake-cutting, father-daughter dance and mother-son dance. There were toasts and dance performances by friends and family! The dinner was served and then it was time for the party! I photographed the party and around midnight it was time for end of my assignment. Great finale to two days of the wedding celebration! Congratulations to Arti & Mitesh!

Next day, it was time to head back to Raleigh to photograph North Carolina Restaurant and Lodging Association’s annual Taste of NC event.

2013 is an exciting year for us. Many weddings & events are on our schedule. And Indian weddings will continue to bring excitement to our world of pixels…

– Tesh Parekh

IWP Photography & Video

wilmington-nc-indian-wedding-photographer-convention-center-01 wilmington-nc-indian-wedding-photographer-convention-center-02 wilmington-nc-indian-wedding-photographer-convention-center-03 wilmington-nc-indian-wedding-photographer-convention-center-04 wilmington-nc-indian-wedding-photographer-convention-center-05 wilmington-nc-indian-wedding-photographer-convention-center-06 wilmington-nc-indian-wedding-photographer-convention-center-07 wilmington-nc-indian-wedding-photographer-convention-center-08 wilmington-nc-indian-wedding-photographer-convention-center-09 wilmington-nc-indian-wedding-photographer-convention-center-10 wilmington-nc-indian-wedding-photographer-convention-center-11 wilmington-nc-indian-wedding-photographer-convention-center-12 wilmington-nc-indian-wedding-photographer-convention-center-13 wilmington-nc-indian-wedding-photographer-convention-center-14 wilmington-nc-indian-wedding-photographer-convention-center-15 wilmington-nc-indian-wedding-photographer-convention-center-16 wilmington-nc-indian-wedding-photographer-convention-center-17 wilmington-nc-indian-wedding-photographer-convention-center-18 wilmington-nc-indian-wedding-photographer-convention-center-19 wilmington-nc-indian-wedding-photographer-convention-center-20 wilmington-nc-indian-wedding-photographer-convention-center-21

Wilmington NC Indian Wedding Photographer: Convention Center Ceremony { Arti + Mitesh }

Arti and Mitesh’s Indian wedding in Wilmington NC! The ceremony was at the Wilmington Convention Center. We had photographed Arti & Mitesh’s Grah Shanti and Garba previous evening. We started the morning with Arti’s hair and makeup session. We then went to the Wilmington Convention Center to photograph the venue and get ready for the ceremony. I captured Mitesh’s baraat while Mica photographed Arti with her bridesmaids and family. It was COLD! But, that did not stop the baraati’s from dancing! The venue looked beautiful! The wedding decorations were provided by Occasions by Shangri-la. DJ Ravi of DCSDynasty provided the music for baraat and ceremony. Videography was by Vinod Karia (770-985-5906). The unique part of the ceremony decorations was elevated runway! The ceremony was Vedic with Gujarati rituals and customs. We did family and group photo session after the ceremony. The vidaai was emotional! The lunch was Gujarati vegetarian. Yummy! We did a quick couple’s session after the lunch. We always enjoy couple’s session! The reception was scheduled to be in the same ballroom so, it was time to get ready!

– Tesh Parekh

IWP Photography & Video

wilmington-nc-indian-wedding-photography-convention-center-03 wilmington-nc-indian-wedding-photography-convention-center-04 wilmington-nc-indian-wedding-photography-convention-center-05 wilmington-nc-indian-wedding-photography-convention-center-06 wilmington-nc-indian-wedding-photography-convention-center-07 wilmington-nc-indian-wedding-photography-convention-center-08 wilmington-nc-indian-wedding-photography-convention-center-09 wilmington-nc-indian-wedding-photography-convention-center-10 wilmington-nc-indian-wedding-photography-convention-center-11 wilmington-nc-indian-wedding-photography-convention-center-12 wilmington-nc-indian-wedding-photography-convention-center-13 wilmington-nc-indian-wedding-photography-convention-center-14 wilmington-nc-indian-wedding-photography-convention-center-15 wilmingon-nc-indian-wedding-photography-convention-center-16 wilmingon-nc-indian-wedding-photography-convention-center-17 wilmingon-nc-indian-wedding-photography-convention-center-18 wilmingon-nc-indian-wedding-photography-convention-center-19 wilmingon-nc-indian-wedding-photography-convention-center-20 wilmington-nc-indian-wedding-photography-convention-center-21 wilmington-nc-indian-wedding-photography-convention-center-22 wilmington-nc-indian-wedding-photography-convention-center-23 wilmington-nc-indian-wedding-photography-convention-center-24 wilmington-nc-indian-wedding-photography-convention-center-25 wilmington-nc-indian-wedding-photography-convention-center-26 wilmington-nc-indian-wedding-photography-convention-center-27 wilmington-nc-indian-wedding-photography-convention-center-28 wilmington-nc-indian-wedding-photography-convention-center-29 wilmington-nc-indian-wedding-photography-convention-center-30 wilmingon-nc-indian-wedding-photography-convention-center-31 wilmington-nc-indian-wedding-photography-convention-center-32 wilmington-nc-indian-wedding-photography-convention-center-33 wilmington-nc-indian-wedding-photography-convention-center-34 wilmington-nc-indian-wedding-photography-convention-center-35 wilmington-nc-indian-wedding-photography-convention-center-36

– Tesh Parekh

Wilmington NC Indian Wedding photographer : Grah Shanti and Garba at The Terraces on Sir Tyler { Arti + Mitesh }

Our first wedding of 2013. Arti and Mitesh’s Indian wedding in Wilmington NC. Grand and vibrant! We had photographed Arti & Mitesh’s e-session in Southport and their Indian Engagement ceremony in Wilmington. The first event of wedding was Arti’s Grah Shanti at The Terraces on Sir Tyler. This was both a religious and social event. I was glad to see many familiar faces! From the previous event as well as Rakhee & Hiten’s wedding! Mitesh and family arrived at the dinner time. Mica had joined me to photograph this event and enjoyed real Gujarati food! Garba followed the dinner. Garba is always a fun event to photograph! Indian wedding events are full of color, texture and aroma. Garba adds the motion! DJ Ravi of DCSDynasty provided the music for Garba. Videography was by Vinod Karia (770-985-5906). The wedding ceremony was at the Wilmington Convention Center next morning….

– Tesh Parekh

IWP Photography & Video

wilmington-indian-wedding-photographer-01 wilmington-indian-wedding-photographer-02 wilmington-indian-wedding-photographer-03 wilmington-indian-wedding-photographer-04 wilmington-indian-wedding-photographer-05 wilmington-indian-wedding-photographer-06 wilmington-indian-wedding-photographer-07 wilmington-indian-wedding-photographer-08 wilmington-indian-wedding-photographer-09 wilmington-indian-wedding-photographer-10 wilmington-indian-wedding-photographer-11 wilmington-indian-wedding-photographer-12 wilmington-indian-wedding-photographer-13 wilmington-indian-wedding-photographer-14 wilmington-indian-wedding-photographer-15 wilmington-indian-wedding-photographer-16 wilmington-indian-wedding-photographer-17 wilmington-indian-wedding-photographer-18 wilmington-indian-wedding-photographer-19

– Tesh Parekh

IWP Photography & Video

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