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Women Entrepreneurs make for amazing photo shoots!

Strong, confident women

Empower! Connect! Control! Fulfill!  That is just some of the words that I think of when I define how it feels to be a woman entrepreneur.  Women entrepreneurs make for amazing photo shoots!  I would have never guessed that almost 10 years ago, I would become the owner of a very successful digital and art company.  Yes, Tesh is the artist, he is the Master photographer, but I am the face of the company and I ROCK!   I was thinking about what my absolute favorite type of client is the other day and it came to me that although I love all of my clients, I am especially drawn to the woman entrepreneur.  When women make up their minds to do something, consider it done and I love the energy they put out.  I feed off of it actually.  There is something about meeting them right as they have decided that they are going off on their own, or finally, after taking care of everyone else, they are going to do something for themselves.  They are diverse, surprising, scared, unsure, strong, confident, from one side of the spectrum to the other ~ their senses heightened and the surge is undeniable.

Women entrepreneurs want to be successful and I love how it shows in their photos.

Successful, engaging, strong

I have always fed off of energy.  I can walk into a room and know that someone is sad or angry or there is someone nervous.  Being the keeper of the peace child, I was able to diffuse situations by being whatever I needed to be to calm the situation down.  When I am with strong women, confident women, excited and nervous at the same time women, I am their calm and when they come to my studio, they know that we will take the time to capture mostly what they want the world to see but sometimes, we capture them as who they never thought they could be and THAT is what fills and fuels  my passion.


Empowering Women Campaign

I want to photograph you all!  All of the women that want to start a business, grow a business, or re-brand a business. I want to help you be a success as you are creating your vision and image for your company.  I want to help empower you through photography.  THIS is how I give back. Call me to discuss your empowerment photo shoot today!  919-270-2510


Greenville NC Indian Wedding Photography : ECU E-session { Rahul + Mital }

I am enjoying the season of e-sessions! It is fun working with engaged couples. E-session gives me opportunity to learn more about the couple I will be working with on their wedding day. And the couple will get to know how I work. Just like other photography assignments, I do as much homework as possible for e-sessions. We discuss couple’s favorite location(s), outfits, weather and so on. Rahul & Mital’s favorite location was ECU Campus! This was my first time doing session on the ECU campus. Weather was a concern but we decided to carry on with the session come rain or shine! I drove through severe thunderstorm on my way to ECU! On the campus, Rahul and Mital were dressed sharp and ready for the session! We started the session amid sounds of thunder! The light was beautiful, but in an instant the sky grew dark and big raindrops meant we had to move indoors. Quickly! We made the best of this rain! This couple was prepared! They had an ECU umbrella on hand! I captured poses and candids indoors and outside under the umbrella. Use of additional lighting was necessary! Rahul and Mital were easy to work with. Very patient as I setup my lighting and poses. It is relatively easier to snap away the photos hoping that something good will come out of it. It is bit of a challenge creating images that are not obvious. I like to use photography and lighting skills as much as possible and not worry too much about creating images in the post (that is a different way of working, just not mine). Unlike event photography where this kind of control is not always possible, portrait sessions certainly give me the opportunity to work this way. Rahul and Mital will be getting married in just couple of weeks! I look forward to photographing their Indian wedding ceremony at Seasons At Tandoor
– Tesh Parekh IWP Photography ecu-greenville-nc-e-session-01-indian-wedding-photography ecu-greenville-nc-e-session-02-indian-wedding-photography ecu-greenville-nc-e-session-03-indian-wedding-photography ecu-greenville-nc-e-session-04-indian-wedding-photography ecu-greenville-nc-e-session-06-indian-wedding-photography ecu-greenville-nc-e-session-07-indian-wedding-photography ecu-greenville-nc-e-session-08-indian-wedding-photography ecu-greenville-nc-e-session-09-indian-wedding-photography ecu-greenville-nc-e-session-10-indian-wedding-photography ecu-greenville-nc-e-session-11-indian-wedding-photography ecu-greenville-nc-e-session-12-indian-wedding-photography ecu-greenville-nc-e-session-13-indian-wedding-photography ecu-greenville-nc-e-session-14-indian-wedding-photography ecu-greenville-nc-e-session-15-indian-wedding-photography ecu-greenville-nc-e-session-05-indian-wedding-photography

Fayetteville Indian Wedding Photographer: Campbell University E-session { Savan + Monica }

Title of this post should be “Midday Magic”! I love the late afternoon or early evening light when photographing portrait sessions outdoors. Apart from the light being golden, it is easy on my subjects and also easier to control. Many of my wedding clients are busy professionals or pursuing higher education. Thus not having enough time. That was the case with Savan & Monica. This couple’s Fayetteville wedding is coming soon. And the only time they had available was around noon. My job as photographer is to create best possible images in every situation. The session was planned on the Campbell University campus where the couple had first met.

I like to make e-sessions fun. I gather information about likes and dislikes of the couple beforehand. I suggest session ideas but am very interested in what my clients have in mind. I present the e-sessions as couple’s date where I come along to snap few photos!

The weather was warm, but nice. Slightly windy. I did not want to shoot every image with available light. And I did not want to shoot every image under a shade either. So, I lugged around enough equipment to setup some fun shots. I like to give my clients options. Mica was not available to assist me so, yes I worked alone. Which reminds me of the points I had made in my earlier posts. I often get asked “how many photographers” and “how many assistants” question. While I always welcome extra help, I create my own images. I do not rely on assistants and additional photographers to create my images. That help is certainly needed in many cases and some of my clients are willing to pay for the extra staff. However, if you are  in the market looking for professional photography service, please let the professional guide you. I did sweat moving around the campus. But, convenience is not on the top of my list!

Savan and Monica were great to work with. They had fun which made it easier for me to capture some of the candid images. The campus is very special to them so they had certain locations in mind. My job was to integrate those locations in the images. After over two hours, we were able to review all the images we had created. Savan and Monica were thrilled! How do I know? They even bought my lunch. Such kindness is always appreciated. Their wedding at the new Embassy Suites is coming up in couple of weeks. It will be a multi-day event. I will be photographing this wedding for at least two, possibly for three days. I look forward to it…

– Tesh Parekh

IWP Photography

campbell-e-session-09-iwp-photography campbell-e-session-13-iwp-photography campbell-e-session-03-iwp-photography campbell-e-session-01-iwp-photography campbell-e-session-07-iwp-photography campbell-e-session-15-iwp-photography campbell-e-session-11-iwp-photography campbell-e-session-06-iwp-photography campbell-e-session-10-iwp-photography campbell-e-session-14-iwp-photography campbell-e-session-12-iwp-photography campbell-e-session-04-iwp-photography campbell-e-session-08-iwp-photography campbell-e-session-02-iwp-photography campbell-e-session-05-iwp-photography

June 3, 2013

Raleigh NC Senior Portrait Photographer : Durant Park Session { Spencer }

Our latest senior portrait session. We photographed Spencer a week ago at the Durant Nature Park in Raleigh NC. It was a beautiful but windy day. Spencer loves playing guitar so we incorporated that in the session. We went around the lower lake capturing the images. We had allowed time for wardrobe change. Spencer opened up after we captured initial images. The session was fun! The next day we were scheduled to photograph Shefaali & Andy’s Indian wedding at the Solas and Zinda. Preview images of that beautiful wedding coming soon. Here are our favorites from Spencer’s session. Contact us to inquire about our senior portrait session pricing…

– Tesh Parekh

IWP Photography

raleigh-senior-portrait-photographer-01 raleigh-senior-portrait-photographer-02 raleigh-senior-portrait-photographer-03 raleigh-senior-portrait-photographer-04 raleigh-senior-portrait-photographer-05 raleigh-senior-portrait-photographer-06 raleigh-senior-portrait-photographer-07 raleigh-senior-portrait-photographer-08 raleigh-senior-portrait-photographer-09 raleigh-senior-portrait-photographer-10 raleigh-senior-portrait-photographer-11 raleigh-senior-portrait-photographer-12


Raleigh Indian Wedding Photographer : Duke Gardens E-session { Shefaali + Andy }

I have photographed e-sessions at the Duke Gardens (Durham NC) before, but the Garden was the most colorful when I did Shefaali & Andy’s e-session recently! This couple’s Indian wedding ceremony will take place at the Solas and reception will be at the Zinda. I love Glenwood South and Raleigh downtown. I often photograph that side of Raleigh and have also done many paintings there. Some of my paintings are now on display at the Visual Art Exchange and Local Color Raleigh. My notable latest assignment there was a live wedding painting I did at the All Saints Chapel and the Stockroom.

This was one of the warmest day of the year so far. I met my couple at the main gate. They looked sharp! This was also the graduation weekend so the gardens were busy but we worked patiently entire evening. Shefaali and Andy were absolute joy to work with! They had fun as you can see from the preview images below. We went around the garden, stopping at interesting spots. I worked alone and carried my gear all over the gardens. That was a good thing since I could create some of the poses which Shefaali had in mind. We kept shooting until the light was gone. We did not get to the Red bridge, but, didn’t really miss that.

I look forward to Shefaali and Andy’s wedding! It s going to be fun!

2013 continues to be an interesting year. I will be traveling for some of the assignments. I often get asked this question: “how many photographers do you bring”? Let me first say that I can bring as many photographers as the couple’s budget will permit! But, I am not sure how number of photographers translate into good photography or service. Many of the weddings you see on this blog were photographed by one photographer- yours truly! Some of the weddings had 500 + guests and multi-day multiple wedding events. In 2013, I am going to flip the question around: “How much can a single photographer do?”. We shall see. I promise…

– Tesh Parekh

IWP Photography

indian-wedding-photography-duke-garden-e-session-01 indian-wedding-photography-duke-garden-e-session-02 indian-wedding-photography-duke-garden-e-session-03 indian-wedding-photography-duke-garden-e-session-04 indian-wedding-photography-duke-garden-e-session-05 indian-wedding-photography-duke-garden-e-session-06 indian-wedding-photography-duke-garden-e-session-12 indian-wedding-photography-duke-garden-e-session-11 indian-wedding-photography-duke-garden-e-session-10 indian-wedding-photography-duke-garden-e-session-09 indian-wedding-photography-duke-garden-e-session-08 indian-wedding-photography-duke-garden-e-session-07 indian-wedding-photography-duke-garden-e-session-13 indian-wedding-photography-duke-garden-e-session-14

– Tesh Parekh

IWP Photography

Raleigh Mitzvah Photographer – Temple Beth Or and Crabtree Marriott Mitzvah { Tara }

I am catching up on the blogging! This time each year, we reorganize and prepare for rest of the season. We have also been busy photographing events and portraits. Mix in some video and painting, and there is not enough time for blogging! I am getting ready for Arti & Mitesh’s Indian wedding in Wilmington this weekend. This will be a two day assignment for me. A really big wedding- around 600 guests at the Wilmington Convention Center! Mica will be working with me as a second photographer/ assistant.

One of the fun events this year has been Tara’s Bat Mitzvah! Earlier, I did a portrait session in our studio. The session was fun and below is one of Tara’s favorite image from the session. The image was printed and framed for display at the party. Guests were able to write on the white mat.

Tara’s wish for winter theme came true when it snowed in Raleigh on Friday! It was a winter wonderland on Saturday morning! But, our portrait session at the Temple Beth Or was on schedule. I created traditional portraits as well as some fun and creative images.

The mitzvah celebration party was at the Raleigh Marriott Crabtree Valley. The ballroom looked beautiful. DJ Damien Maass made the party fun with music and games! I have enjoyed working with Damien- he is very helpful with keeping us aware of the timeline. Damien had dancers from Elevate to keep the dance floor busy.

Once I arrived at the Marriott, I setup the Greenscreen photobooth. This photobooth is always exciting for kids! We usually offer choice of four digital backgrounds. Each image is printed instantly. Photo folders are optional. Mitzvah name and date gets printed on each image, making this a great souvenir. Mica joined me and did the greenscreen photography and instant printing while I captured the event.

The party started with cocktail hour. There were introductions, blessings over bread, lunch, father-daughter dance, candle lighting and hora. Tara’s family and friends had travelled from all over to attend her mitzvah and celebration. Kids enjoyed games. Great party!

Mica and I enjoyed being part of this special occasion. We hope to capture many more mitzvahs.

It may snow tomorrow and we will be on our way to another great event…

– Tesh Parekh

IWP Photography




raleigh-mitzvah-photographer-temple-beth-or-crabtree-marriott-02-iwp-photography raleigh-mitzvah-photographer-temple-beth-or-crabtree-marriott-03-iwp-photography raleigh-mitzvah-photographer-temple-beth-or-crabtree-marriott-04-iwp-photography raleigh-mitzvah-photographer-temple-beth-or-crabtree-marriott-05-iwp-photography raleigh-mitzvah-photographer-temple-beth-or-crabtree-marriott-06-iwp-photography raleigh-mitzvah-photographer-temple-beth-or-crabtree-marriott-07-iwp-photography raleigh-mitzvah-photographer-temple-beth-or-crabtree-marriott-08-iwp-photography raleigh-mitzvah-photographer-temple-beth-or-crabtree-marriott-09-iwp-photography raleigh-mitzvah-photographer-temple-beth-or-crabtree-marriott-10-iwp-photography raleigh-mitzvah-photographer-temple-beth-or-crabtree-marriott-11-iwp-photography raleigh-mitzvah-photographer-temple-beth-or-crabtree-marriott-12-iwp-photography raleigh-mitzvah-photographer-temple-beth-or-crabtree-marriott-13-iwp-photography raleigh-mitzvah-photographer-temple-beth-or-crabtree-marriott-14-iwp-photography raleigh-mitzvah-photographer-temple-beth-or-crabtree-marriott-15-iwp-photography raleigh-mitzvah-photographer-temple-beth-or-crabtree-marriott-16-iwp-photography raleigh-mitzvah-photographer-temple-beth-or-crabtree-marriott-17-iwp-photography raleigh-mitzvah-photographer-temple-beth-or-crabtree-marriott-18-iwp-photography raleigh-mitzvah-photographer-temple-beth-or-crabtree-marriott-19-iwp-photography raleigh-mitzvah-photographer-temple-beth-or-crabtree-marriott-20-iwp-photography raleigh-mitzvah-photographer-temple-beth-or-crabtree-marriott-21-iwp-photography raleigh-mitzvah-photographer-temple-beth-or-crabtree-marriott-22-iwp-photography raleigh-mitzvah-photographer-temple-beth-or-crabtree-marriott-23-iwp-photography

Asheville NC Indian Wedding Photographer – Biltmore E-session { Anika + Ankoor }

I am catching up on the blogging! I went to India in September and it has been busy since! I was in Mumbai visiting my sick Mom. It was HOT! And HUMID! But, I enjoyed my time there with my family and look forward to visiting again soon.

Biltmore Estate is a special place for Anika and Ankoor! So, they decided to schedule their e-session there earlier this month. Weather is always a big factor for outdoor sessions, especially at this time of the year. But, we got lucky! It was a perfect day for being on the grounds of this beautiful Estate in Asheville NC!

Anika and Ankoor had already scouted their favorite spots. So, we went around and captured different poses and candids. It was partly cloudy and the light kept changing. It was a good idea to carry my lighting! It helped in creating some of the backlit images.

This couple has a great chemistry! Made it so much easy for me to photograph them! I look forward to photographing their wedding next year.

Elizabeth and Sean’s St. Ann Catholic Church and Grand Marquise Ballroom wedding is coming up next…

– Tesh Parekh

IWP Photography




Raleigh Indian Wedding Photographer : Rose Garden and NC Museum of Art E-session { Pranita + Shaum }

We are getting ready for a busy August! One of the weddings we will be photographing in August will be Pranita and Shaum’s Indian wedding at the Raleigh Downtown Marriott. I love Raleigh Downtown and have done e-sessions and bridal portrait sessions there before. Since I will be doing portraits there on the day of the wedding, we decided on Raleigh Rose Garden and North Carolina Museum of Art for the e-session locations. Both are great locations. Very different. It was hot and bugs were out! But, the couple was great to work with and made it easier for me to setup many poses and some candids. We started at the Rose Garden while it was still bright in the late afternoon. Rose Garden offers variety of backgrounds. There are open spaces and also spaces covered with foliage. And of course, center of the garden is full of beautiful roses. We went around parts of the garden and created many images. Then it was time for  change of wardrobe and change of location! When we reached NCMA, the Sun was setting. So, we incorporated the Sun in some of the images. NCMA’s Museum Park offers many interesting possibilities! But, since the ambient light was fading, I decided on capturing some images around the Gyre. The Gyre is a huge sculpture, comprising of three rings. The humid air, clouds and last rays of the Sun made the sky very rich! Of course, I lugged my gears and lights all the way! And after being out and working for almost two hours, I got some of my favorite images. So, all the sweating was worth it! Here are some of my favorites from the session…

– Tesh Parekh

IWP Photography




August 2, 2012

Wake Forest Portrait Photographer: sizzling summer session

It is hot out there but we are enjoying location portrait sessions! Earlier, we had photographed bridal (Telisha) and e-sessions (Prantia and Shaum) on locations in Raleigh. We photographed Dwight and Janet’s session at the Joyner Park in Wake Forest. We live very close to Wake Forest and love this community! In fact, I did a live painting of Wake Forest Fireworks on July 4! I have painted Joyner park as well. Here is one of the images from Dwight and Janet’s session. More images coming soon!


We love location portrait sessions! And the couple was great to work with!

– Tesh Parekh

IWP Photography



Raleigh Indian Wedding Photographer: rings of love e-session and more…

This week, I am working on editing images of portrait sessions. One of the sessions is Pranita and Shaum’s e-session at the Raleigh Rose Garden and NC Museum of Arts in Raleigh NC. In fact, we did Telisha’s bridal session at the Raleigh Rose Garden as well- we will be sharing those images after Telisha and Chris’s wedding in September.  It was hot and humid yesterday, but, the couple stayed cool for the session. I lugged my gear around two locations and really sweated to make some of these images! But, it was all worth it!


Rings of love! E-session at the NC Museum of Art.

I am also working on highlight clip of Pooja’s pre-wedding video. We had done both photo and video for Pooja’s vidhi and pithi. Earlier, we had posted images of Pooja & Ram’s beautiful wedding.


Indian pre-wedding ceremony (vidhi)…

Mica will be in Dallas this week for ISES Eventworld. We are excited about our recent nomination for ISES Esprit Award nomination for the Best Event photography! We will find out in Dallas, if our Wedding photography of Rakhee & Hiten’s Indian wedding has won this international award! But, we are thrilled to be nominated!


We have received ISES Esprit award nomination for the Best Event Photograhy! This international award nomination is for Rakhee & Hiten’s wedding from last year…

Stay cool!

– Tesh Parekh

IWP Photography



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