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Women Entrepreneurs make for amazing photo shoots!

Strong, confident women

Empower! Connect! Control! Fulfill!  That is just some of the words that I think of when I define how it feels to be a woman entrepreneur.  Women entrepreneurs make for amazing photo shoots!  I would have never guessed that almost 10 years ago, I would become the owner of a very successful digital and art company.  Yes, Tesh is the artist, he is the Master photographer, but I am the face of the company and I ROCK!   I was thinking about what my absolute favorite type of client is the other day and it came to me that although I love all of my clients, I am especially drawn to the woman entrepreneur.  When women make up their minds to do something, consider it done and I love the energy they put out.  I feed off of it actually.  There is something about meeting them right as they have decided that they are going off on their own, or finally, after taking care of everyone else, they are going to do something for themselves.  They are diverse, surprising, scared, unsure, strong, confident, from one side of the spectrum to the other ~ their senses heightened and the surge is undeniable.

Women entrepreneurs want to be successful and I love how it shows in their photos.

Successful, engaging, strong

I have always fed off of energy.  I can walk into a room and know that someone is sad or angry or there is someone nervous.  Being the keeper of the peace child, I was able to diffuse situations by being whatever I needed to be to calm the situation down.  When I am with strong women, confident women, excited and nervous at the same time women, I am their calm and when they come to my studio, they know that we will take the time to capture mostly what they want the world to see but sometimes, we capture them as who they never thought they could be and THAT is what fills and fuels  my passion.


Empowering Women Campaign

I want to photograph you all!  All of the women that want to start a business, grow a business, or re-brand a business. I want to help you be a success as you are creating your vision and image for your company.  I want to help empower you through photography.  THIS is how I give back. Call me to discuss your empowerment photo shoot today!  919-270-2510


September 12, 2016

Professional head shots in Raleigh/Durham area

Professional Head shots ~ how important are they?  Well, with social media being on the forefront of everyone’s business, professional head shots are UBER important!  But not just any head shots, THE BEST!   IWP Photography & Video can create amazing head shots that bring out the best in YOU, why would you want anything else ~ do you have a selfie as a head shot right now?  You know that some people are basing if they do business with you on your photographs ~ like it or not.  Give us a call and we can create head shots like these for you!  Our service is top notch, and we turn the photos around quickly ~  we also have a fantastic makeup artist that we work with that really does an amazing job for the photos as you can see!

Professional Head Shots by IWP Photography

Head Shots by IWP Photography Raleigh and Durham

Raleigh/Durham Professional Head Shots

Professional Head Shots by IWP Photography




North Carolina Photographer: 3 alarm e-session and more…

We were in Southport NC this weekend to photograph Arti & Mitesh’s e-session. We love Southport! The session was fun- I will be posting a preview soon. I enjoyed working with Arti & Mitesh and look forward to photographing their wedding in 2013. We stayed at a hotel in Wilmington. Well, someone broke the sprinkler off in their room causing multiple fire alarms to go off between 1 and 3 am (it was Saturday night now wasn’t it?!). So we had to move! My 4 y/o son’s dream of staying up all night came true! Here is one of my favorite images from the session:


Seems like month of July brings early morning excitement each year. Here is an image of 3 AM wedding from last year (you can see more images of this unique wedding here):


Earlier in the week we photographed Chefs of Umstead Hotel & Spa. That session was for a magazine cover. We will be posting more of those images after the magazine gets published.


This week we will be previewing Prutha and Veeral’s wedding events…


– Tesh Parekh

IWP Photography



Press release for our big news!!!! IWP has been nominated for Best Event Photography by ISES!



PRESS RELEASE                                                                                       

Contact: Mica Parekh @

(IWP Photography & Video)


International Special Events Society

Tesh Parekh, Owner of IWP Photography & Video, Raleigh, NC is an award recipient for the prestigious ISES Esprit Awards from the International Special Events Society (ISES) in the categories of Best Event Photography for Rakhee and Hiten’s Magnificent Indian Wedding.  Tesh has been a special event professional for 10 plus years.  In that time, Tesh has also won Best Entertainment for Weddings, presented to him by NACE for his other talent of LIVE Watercolor Paintings.

The Best Event Photography event nominated for a 2012 ISES Esprit was a beautiful multiple day Indian wedding that captured all the glamour and grandeur of Rakhee and Hiten’s special day.  They wanted a photographer that would capture the details of their event, and the depth of their love, artistically.

Tesh Parekh  says” “Quote”

ISES honors industry excellence through its prestigious awards program, the ISES Esprit Awards which fuel a spirit of competition within designated categories. ISES Esprit Awards gain global visibility and recognition for ISES members. It honors special event professionals who exhibit a “spirit of excellence” in their work. The importance of global industry recognition helps improve industry standards internationally and further promote our professionalism. ISES is dedicated to recognizing excellence in events and rewarding those individuals whose vision and creativity make their events “Special.” (

You don’t want to be an egg do you? – by Raleigh & Durham – Professional Head Shot Photographer

My friends and I came together today for a social media meeting and one of the topics was professional head shots.  They all remembered that on Twitter, if you don’t have a head shot or you load some photo or cartoon, that you have an egg as a profile picture….and they all started laughing about how nobody wants to be an egg…really, they don’t!  They told me that I  should immediately write a blog about NOT BEING AN EGG!  I told them I would get right on it!

You see, for me, I don’t follow anyone that doesn’t use a head shot of some sort or the other.  Why would you not want your photo, one that is recent, on your social media page, especially Linked In?  I understand that this is a great place to put your logo, but people don’t do business with your logo…..they do business with you.

Why would you not get an updated professional photo of yourself…what could be their reason?   A lot of people think that what they have from several years ago is fine.  It’s not.  Some people think that the photo that they took of themselves in their bathroom, in a reflection from their mirror is cool….I would rather see the egg.   Kids and pets are cute from time to time, but making sure to have that professional head shot shown more than not is so important.

When we,  IWP Photography & Video shoot professional head shot sessions, there are normally 2 people working with the client.  You will have your own photographer, and the photographer will have an assistant.  The assistant’s job is to make sure that the client is all set and ready for the shoot.  We send out a note before the head shots normally to make sure the client knows how to be ready when they get here….why, because the longer the client stands around when they get here, normally the more nervous they get while they wait and it makes it harder for everyone.

We have some fun music on, we talk to them about their job and before you know it, we have amazing head shots for them to see.

Time and time again, we hear, how did you capture that?  I didn’t even feel like I had my photo taken.  Now why would you not get your head shot taken regularly if you had that kind of experience.  For us, we enjoy it so much that it is not even like work.  I think that comes through to.

So, to finish up….if you are concerned about your experience in getting a new head shot, consider how IWP Photography handles their head shot clients.  Don’t be an EGG when you could be photographed so that when you walk into a room…..people already know you….trust me, it is priceless!

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Mica Parekh

IWP Photography & Video



Doanne’s Professional Head Shots by Raleigh Professional Commercial Head Shot Photographer

Carolina Speech Consultants, PLLC

Meet Doanne!  The Founder of Carolina Speech Consultants, PLLC and also a bilingual speech language pathologist.  The first time I met Doanne was at the Cardinal Club.  What I notice about her immediately was her professionalism.  I liked speaking with her so much that I went right home and checked out her website.  I thought how neat it was that she started her company so that she could help individuals communicate better.   Doanne can make you BE HEARD!  Her experience is vast and she has an eagerness to help all people, no matter what their background.   She has at least 100 certifications ~ ok, well maybe not 100, but close and she is consistently learning and teaching.  Give her a call if you need any help with public speaking or just to help you to be more clear with the delivery your messag

Tesh Parekh

Commercial Photographer

IWP Photography & Video


DoAnne Ward-Williams

Carolina Speech Consultants, PLLC

DJ Rang and No Regret Productions – by Raleigh NC Commercial and Wedding Photographer

Here is a fun session I did for DJ Rang and No Regret Productions! Rang and I work together at many of the Indian Weddings. Indian weddings can be very very (I could add several “very”) long and a good team of vendors makes the work fun. Our recent wedding together was Rakhee and Hiten’s wedding (Rang did the lighting). Rang also provided DJ for Tara and Matt’s Wedding reception at the Nasher Museum (photos coming soon). We will be working together at Trusha’s Indian wedding this weekend at the Renaissance Hotel in Raleigh.

Crew for this session was:

DJ Rang

DJ Paradime

Jordan Forge Chavis

Scott Carneval

Kevin Esprella

Jatinder ‘Jeetu’ Singh

Julie Patel

Lilu Jael

Cortney Rice


– Tesh Parekh

IWP Photography

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February 23, 2011

Professional Headshots- Image retouching explained- by Raleigh NC Commercial and Portrait Photographer

When we do a professional headshot session, our clients has several options for the final image: (1) Raw image: This is an un-processed image, straight out of the camera. Ideal for clients who like to do their own image enhancement. Also, preferred by client’s web and graphic designers. Raw here means raw JPEG (although it can also be Camera’s native RAW format, if specifically requested by the client, prior to the session). (2) Optimized image: we fine-tune following- exposure, brightness, color, contrast and sharpness. (3) Retouched image: we review the image and fix any unwanted issue- stray hair, spots, bumps, etc. We soften the skin and enhance eyes, and in some cases teeth. Image below is an example of our retouching. (4) Custom retouching: specific retouching requested by the client.

Retouching is offered as an additional service. Please contact us for more information.

– Tesh & Mica Parekh

IWP Photography

919-622-5399/ 919-270-2510




An example of image retouching. We have softened the skin in addition to other image enhancements. Photographer- Tesh Parekh for IWP Photography



Bachelor Bid for Charity 2011- Headshots by Raleigh NC Portrait Photographer

We are excited to be in-kind sponsor for 2011 Bachelor Bid for Charity. The Bachelor Bid for Charity, which will be held on February 19, 2011, is for an awesome cause! 100% of the net proceeds go to benefit the Women’s Center of Wake County for homeless women and children. Raleigh’s finest hand-picked, most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes will be auctioned off! This year’s theme is Mardi Gras! The event will be held from 8pm-12 midnight at:

Delightful Inspirations

5511 Avent Ferry Road
Raleigh, NC 27606

I photographed some of the Bachelors and Bachelorettes last week at Ruckus Pizza in Cary. I setup on the covered patio outside the restaurant. I have been always curious about using bricks as a background and I got my opportunity!  I worked with my enthusiastic models in a very small space, shouting instructions over the music! It was fun! I also did some of the sessions in Studio using white seamless paper as a background.

I thank Kim Lewey and Deborah Meehan for giving Mica and I opportunity to participate in the awesome event!

– Tesh Parekh

IWP Photography



Portrait and Commercial photography in Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Chapel Hill, North Carolina and beyond…


Cassie’s Model Portfolio Portrait Session by Raleigh Portrait Photographer

When we got the call, it was for Cassie, a beautiful young lady,  is an aspiring dancer.  She has an audition for a very exciting job in 2 weeks and needs a modeling portfolio.  We booked her that day and she was in our studio within 48 hours. She hired our very own Janise Carter to provide the hair styling and makeup design. We kept the background simple and contemporary- black and white. This kept focus on Cassie- an important factor in creating head shots. Cassie changed her outfits, hair and makeup throughout the session to “jazz up her portfolio”.   We mixed in a variety of poses and lighting to add to the mix, so that no matter where Cassie goes with her photos, she will have one perfect photo to leave with her bio. The best part of our job is meeting so many wonderful clients and getting to know them! We enjoyed talking to Cassie as much as we enjoyed photographing her!

We provide model portfolio head shots as well as corporate professional headshots. The new year may be an opportunity to get a new headshot! We also provide onsite photo sessions. We work with hair and makeup artist to make sure that the photo session brings out the best in you! Contrary to what some believe, a professional head shot photo session can be fun and casual! And while there are formal headshots, there are also casual head shots! Our job is to capture the personality of our clients.

Makeup artist: Janise Carter

– Tesh and Mica Parekh

IWP Photography

919-270-2510/ 919-622-5399



Professional Headshots Raleigh NC Photographer 01

We started with very relaxed and casual posing.



We changed the wardrobe, makeup and hair.



Our session lasted about two hours.



Professional hair and make up was provided by Janise Carter.



We captured some horizontal images as well.



We used both back and white backdrops during the session.



A good headshot is a combination of posing, lighting, backdrop, hair, makeup and model's unique character.



Our model's beautiful smile makes this image!



Our session was a success! Our model was very happy with the proofs!