Corporate Photography

We at IWP Photography & Video sure hope not! You need to have a photographer that understands you and your business. And that understanding needs to come through in the images that are created for your marketing material, website and social media marketing.

Known for his mastery of lighting, his project management certification and skill, Tesh’s attention to detail and his willingness to create images in a short period of time helps your budget go further and gives you more to work with to convey your message to the public. Since 2000, we have been creating marketing material and website content for small, medium and even Fortune 500 companies. We know what works best and can be an extension of the project to make it as successful as possible.

Event Photography and Video is also a large part of what IWP Photography & Video is known for. We have documented hundreds of events in 15 years and we learn what is most important about the event to you and make sure to capture it for you. Whether you need marketing material from the event or just a series of photos that showcase the detail, we are able to provide excellent images for all your needs.Tesh Parekh and IWP Photography & Video guarantee you the highest quality, originality and beauty in every photo taken every time. Always affordable, and always friendly and enjoyable, you can always bet on receiving exceptional quality service from Tesh Parekh and his staff at IWP. We can deliver both in-studio and on-location corporate photography and do so with a speed and efficiency almost as famous as the incomparable photos we take!

Guest at the Helene Foundation Gala 2016

That's a great looking group!